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The Toyota Premio is the successor of the Toyota Corona Premio in 2001 and went into production. The car was sold only in the Japanese market and is located in the middle class, but the features are much more luxurious than, for example, the Toyota Allion: So the Premio is provided with elaborate wood applications. The first generation of the sedan was produced until the year 2006 under the type designation ZT24, ZT26 before it was replaced by the year 2007. According to stats, the Toyota Premio 2017, 2016, 2015, 2010, 2008, 2007 & 2005 models have great demand in Japanese used cars market.

Performance overview

The first generation of the Premio is equipped with a four -cylinder engine and has a displacement of 1.5 or 1.8 or 2.0 liters, depending on the equipment. The power is in the range 78-114 kW. In the second generation ZT26 in technical terms, especially the navigation system G-Book has been added as an option, new engines, however, were not introduced. A diesel variant of this model is not available in both generations. The Premio has 4600 mm with a standard sedans length is 1695 mm wide and 1470 mm in height measures. The curb weight is 1140 kg.

First Generation (T240)
Toyota Premio first generation sedan was produced from 2001 until 2007. The car has been replaced by the model Corona in the Japanese market; the export is not supplied. On the “premium” gasoline engines installed 1.5 (109 hp…), 1.8 (125 or 132 hp…) And 2.0 power 152-155 forces. The first two versions were equipped with an automatic transmission, and a sedan with an engine stepless variator. Model not only offers a 1.8-liter power unit to the front, but with all-wheel drive.

Second Generation (T260)
In the summer of 2008, Toyota introduced the second generation car Toyota Premio. In December 2001 the first generation Toyota Premio came. Many buyers came to taste this sedan that combines a comfortable spacious lounge, an unusual exterior design, and good handling characteristics. The present generation has inherited all the positive aspects of its predecessor.

Specification of Toyota Premiotoyota premio
Since 2002, Toyota produced four modifications of sedan Toyota Premio. Toyota Premio can accommodate five people. Since the official dealers do not deliver this model in Russia, it is only used with the right steering wheel. Toyota Premio has a back-up camera with the help of which the car easily and tightly parked in crowded urban environments. Inside the cabin is trimmed quality plastic, therefore, creates a pleasant feeling of comfort. Since Toyota Premio is a bit stiffer suspension, while overcoming the irregularities in the cabin there is a slight vibration.

Salon can be transformed into a comfortable sofa by folding seatbacks. Salon also has a large number of drawers and shelves, which is convenient to store all the necessary stuff. In the all-wheel drive Toyota Premio modifications installed powerplant 1ZZ-FE.

Toyota Premio is available in x, g and f grades. The car offer classy exterior and luxurious interior with superior quality. The interior of Toyota premio is pretty comfortable and easy to accommodate five people. Moreover, it also comes with all safety measures like air bags for driver and passengers to avoid any injuries in case of accident. Due to amazing interior and stylish exterior, the Premio is popular in many parts of the world including Uganda, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Jamaica.

Option List

  • +Push Start
  • +Skid Control
  • +Power Window
  • +Power Mirrors
  • +Power Shutters
  • +Retractable Mirrors
  • +Heat Seats
  • +ABS
  • +Power Steering
  • +Central Lock
  • +Remote Key
  • +Intelligent Key
  • +Rear Wiper
  • +Winker Mirror
  • +Lane Departure Warning
  • +Fog Lights
  • +Smart Entry
  • +Electric Seats
  • +Seat Heaters
  • +Multifunction
  • +Seat Head Dress
  • +Eco Idle
  • +Alloy Wheels